Magic Lands by Robert Stanek

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Enter the world of Magic Lands by Robert Stanek:

1. The Story Begins | 2. The Story Continues | 3. The Truth Be Told

The dreams continue. The stone land beckons. Perhaps, it could be said, that Ray could not have done otherwise but to follow his path to its end. Perhaps. Perhaps not. But what of Kerry, the outsider girl. Kerry has her own life, a house in the country, her beloved trees to which she sings and from which she gathers the fruits of life.
In the city state of Adalayia, the one thing everyone knows for certain is that  the rule of the wizard is  supreme. None dare oppose him. None dare challenge him. His soldiers help him rule with an iron fist, and they hold no love in their hearts for those from other lands. They take as they set fit, and give nothing in return.
In the wizard's army, there is one who was once whole and is now made unwhole. He will have his vengeance and all those he holds responsible will pay the ultimate price. But there is one with the power to save everything and all. If only there can be remembrance... and if only remembrance brings back the past... and if only the past unfolds the future.


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