Magic Lands by Robert Stanek

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Enter the world of Magic Lands by Robert Stanek:

1. The Story Begins | 2. The Story Continues | 3. The Truth Be Told

Some journeys should not be started. For there are those who can never forgive, and there are those who always want what was lost. But what happens when what was lost is found, and what is found is not what was lost? Will plans be unmade or only  made more complete?
There may be hope in the darkness. Hope in old friends and in new. The wish made may bring the fulfillment of desire. It may bring truth. A wish may also bring something else entirely. Something unwanted or unwhole. Who's to say what may or may not happen.
Beyond this who can say, but surely you must begin at the beginning or risk losing out on the adventure of a life time. The magic lands await and in the darkness, you  can be sure you know who will be waiting... Get Magic Lands: Journey Beyond the Beyond now.


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